A day shall come…

Don’t kill the actor Mumma!
Let him perform.
For a day shall come-
When every light and sound wave,
That Resnick & Halliday explain,
Shall fall upon him with glory;
with people of entire Globe,
Shall Applaud and crave to be in his story.
Dadda ! The numbers they have in Mathematics;
the X and Y of Statistics;
Shall be used-
To calculate his box office collection.
For a day shall come
The bureaucrat you want him to be-
Shall deem his monologues an inspiration.
Grandmother!! Those epics-
Superheros of your tales,
The Ramas, The Karnas;
The Krishnas, the Radhas
I’ll be them all-
And will teach the world,
What you think must be taught.
The Actor shall-
Defy gravity and travel time to solve twin paradox;
He shall sing to the Juliets of the era,
Shall destroy the Kaurava’s sena;
Mortal he might be,
But shall be the people’s god.
And shall live beyond his death,
In roles he performed.
Imagination- if everything it is,
He shall have it all.
Let him mimic Sharma Uncle and Paris wali Aunty,
Let him play the clown.
Let him live Mumma.
Let him perform.

~T T Papermate~

Papermate is just another face from the maddening crowd.

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