“Now” is all we have…

Out of your busy life, just pause for few minutes. Now focus on what you were thinking just few minutes ago before pause. The chances are quite high that you were either entangled with any past incident or mentally visualizing a future event.

Barring a few, most of us are always either lost in our pasts or planning for the future.

But have you ever thought the moment in which you lived or living or will ever live was, is, would be always the present moment the ‘Now’!

What we label as past was also a present moment once and the future will also manifest itself as a present moment.

Time is like a movie reel in which we are exposed to the only ‘Now’ moment.

Credit : Pexels

Try focusing on present moment through all yours senses. See objects around you, touch things and try to feel their shape, listen to all sounds around you, try feeling the smell of air or feel how it touches your nostril and try feeling that sensation. Don’t think over any of them because thinking will attach it with your mind. And once mind comes in picture, it will carry you to either past (searching some known older matching records) or future (most probably with any fear of unknown).

You are a manifestation of supreme consciousness.

Remember you are not your mind neither you are your body. You are the consciousness that is silent spectator. This consciousness of yours, of mine, of a bird, of a dog or a tree is not separate. These consciousnesses are a part of one supreme consciousness. Think of it as there are hundreds of inflated balloons. A balloon may think (assume) that air inside it is its own air and its air is different from outside. Just deflate it or puncture where is “my air”? It all became part of the atmosphere.

Credit : BBC Science Focus Magzine

You may think that okay we all know we are a part of single entity, then what?

But what I want to draw your attention over is that since we are connected we need to be very careful in our deeds, our talks even our thoughts.

Because you cannot be fully happy if someone else is in trouble and by someone else I am not referring to only humans it includes each and every conscious creation of that divine supreme intelligence. Similarly if you are speaking negative you are polluting cosmos. Hence in ancient scriptures across different religions always stressed on compassion, love, forgiveness towards every living creature.

Try not to identify yourself with your mind, your body, (any of their attributes) after all you are always beyond these dimensions, you are a manifestation of supreme consciousness.

As a human race we have evolved and the next leap in this evolution will be the evolution of consciousness in humans. Majority of us today are awake but not fully conscious, and the key to this consciousness lies in ‘Now’ (the present moment). The challenge and hence the excitement lies in how we acknowledge that “Now” is all we have…to call our own!

~Ashwni Kumar~

Ashwni Kumar is an eternally inquisitive soul, always eager to learn and teach mathematics, physics and psychology. Recently, he has developed interest in spiritual healing and mindfulness. He works as an Engineer for a telecommunication firm and loves his contribution to the society. 

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