Love Thy Resolutions!

Another year has flipped into history with so many sweet and bitter experiences!! Another year awaits with many new challenges to overcome. Its a common practice with beginning of every new year, we make resolutions with a promise to abide by them. But how many of us are able to stick to their resolutions yearlong? Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes:

I will reduce weight!
l will discipline my food habits!
I will give more time to my family!
I will quit my irritable bad habits!
I will make that long pending travel to my dream destination etc. etc!

But in most of the cases we are unable to sustain these resolutions. Our will disappears into thin air after few days enthusiasm. Some of us might feel that why we should make resolutions, when ultimately they shall be broken. In fact, some people find it even stressful to stick to resolutions.

Cerdit : Pexels

But I believe making resolutions is a good practice to make a new beginning with an intention to improve oneself as person. It allows you to self introspect.
It is always easy to find faults in others and to advise others to how to improve oneself. We seldom realize that what we are trying to change or correct in others, we are also the culprit of those traits. In fact making resolutions actually give us the chance to self analyze our own weaker side.
Even if we break resolutions, in the process we will at least make an effort to become a better person.

So even if you faulter, don’t be ashamed or dejected. Keep making resolutions and strive to fulfill them. Don’t stop to make an effort to improve your life and transform into a better person.

My resolution of the year :

To discover WHO AM I. 🙂

Whats yours?

~Bhuvana “Jaya”~

As apparent from her name, "Jaya" has always had a victorious approach towards life. Optimism is her way of living life.
She loves to listen music during her leisure time. She firmly believes that failures are gateways to success.

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3 thoughts on “Love Thy Resolutions!

  1. WOW. i just made one ! also the funniest part ..After all valuable “gyan” the resolution author makes for oneself might spill into atleast a few if not several years


  2. Resolution : Essential and note worthy. Yes we need to make resolutions and make it reality for thr good of each of us and to know better of ourselves. I value this write up. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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