Prabhat Feri

After 15 years I was able to attend Prabhat Feri. It felt like being at the war front to get up at 4 o clock in the morning when temperature begins to fall at this time of the year. Somehow I got ready and dragged myself to Gurdwara the way I did to attend my lectures in engineering.

Now, You must be wondering if it was so painful why I was doing all this? Well.. recently someone told me if one keeps the faith in God to the highest level, his fortune will change and even if it doesn’t, God will gives the courage to face it. Attending Prabhat Feri was one such effort of mine to strengthen my belief in the divine. Also the Chairman of Management of Gurudwara who had advised me,
“Aaya karo beta…ab tum log hi nahi aaoge to aur kaun aayega?”

This was more of direction and a little of a request!


Credit: Sarabjeet Singh

As I reached Gurudwara, people had already gathered around a trolley beautifully adorned with lights. The possession began with chants of “Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh”. The chant was so loud that I thought people in neighborhood will come out and there will be altercation. But nothing like that happened. Then began the strolling and chanting Gurbani, shabad and songs praising the Guru. Gradually more people joined and within 15 minutes more than 100 people were moving on the roads. The melody insound of musical instruments making melodious sound and on its tune Gurbani was mesmerizing. It was still dark. The chants and the instruments made the entire ambiance a surreal one. The lanes that I used to walk daily seemed so different today. Life seemed beyond all sort of worries and maladies. I was awestruck with divine experience. It was bliss in its purest form.


Credit: Sarabjeet Singh

It was fun watching people from all age groups. The kids were playing while walking along with the Prabhat Feri, Group of ladies chanting shabad, Youngsters gossiping and elderlies maintaining the composure. The person carrying the Sikh flag, known as the Nishan Sahib, leading the Prabhat feri followed by the wooden lorry bearing lights, musical instruments and the speakers.

Within half an hour we reached the house the visit to which was scheduled for the day. Once we reached the chanting stopped for around 2 minutes.

The Chairman Saab saw me and said

“Achha hai tum pahunch gaye…kaisa lag raha hai?”

“Achha hai uncle…par badi mushkil se jaga…par kisi tarah kheech hi laya khud ko main.”

“Guru ji, has made it possible beta, hum aur tum to kuchh bhi nahi.

I wanted to argue, how can Guru be made responsible even such small things. Its ok to respect but why discredit oneself. I have gathered courage so I have. What can be the role more than to be the reason for this procession. before I could reply somebody came and dragged him into the house for performing the rituals/ activities.

Again reciting Shabad Gurbani started and then Parshad was distributed. It was a box. I started wondering what was there in the box. At that moment I saw someone a person putting the box in the space provided in the scooter. I asked “Janaab dekh ke. Box khol ke dekh lo, Kuchh liquid hua to sab gir jayega.”. “Kuchh nahi hoga, Guru is there take care of it, I don’t have to worry.” He didn’t bother to abide by my advice. It was bizzarre. Why give credit to Guru for everything.

Credit: Sarabjeet Singh

Again the shabad chanting started and we were standing at one place for 10 minutes and it was like being in different world. By now sun was also out As we were ready to move further, a very poor man came. There was sparkle in his eyes, with a hope of getting some food. I wondered how come so early in the morning this man is hungry? But the next moment, the man who was putting his box in his scooter, reached to his scooter, took out the box and gave it to the poor man. The poor man was overjoyed and moved on with folded hands and his face up towards the sky as if thanking the God. The man with scooter came to me and softly spoke to me, “I told you, Guru is there take care of it, I don’t have to worry. See he found a way and my scooter will not get dirty”.

My head slowly bowed, in respect of the Guru and in respect of this holy man who resembled god. After all, Sangat is Guru Roop, this is what I was told and this is what I witnessed. That man still does not know what was there in that Box. But I now know the power of faith, belief and selflessness. I also know that…

“Guru is there to take care.”

~Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra~

Sarabjeet loves driving, diving and dreaming. He can make most terrible jokes sound funny….and vice versa! Tallest among us in height, spirit and enthusiasm, he assures there is not single dull moment when we are around him. A child at heart, a seeker at soul and a believer at attaining goals, he can be found at

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