West Indies has bowed out of the world cup in uncharacteristic manner as none of its fire power was in its groove for most part of the 2021 T-20 World Cup. One of the major factors this current team stand out of from its other teams is the fire power and enigma of its players. One of the players that diverted attention is none other than Chris Gayle.

It was touted as the last appearance of this greatest T-20 player in international cricket. A heavy moment….isn’t it? But what was he doing in the ground? He was seen having some fun, putting everything that happened aside. He was interacting with the fans in the stand and just living each moment it’s going to be his last World Cup game. I have seen retirement matches of several greats. But the aura of Gayle was way different from them. In one of the interviews after the match with Australia he said:

“It really hurts bad when we lose games and we don’t get the result and the fans are so much more very important to me because I’m an entertainer. When I don’t get the chance to entertain them it really hurt me a lot. You might not that see that expression, I might not show those sort of emotions, but I’m gutted inside for the fans, and especially for this World Cup as well.”

Chris Gayle

On his way back to the pavilion, Gayle smiled widely, having taken off his helmet and raising his massive bat and even bigger arms. With potentially his last action in an international, Gayle took the wicket of Mitch Marsh who hit a full-blooded drive straight to the fielder at cover with Australia needing 1 run to win. The wicket might not have any relevance left but yet in celebration, Gayle went wild and hugged Marsh on his way off the pitch making him smile. I marveled at the big man and his bigger heart.

Credit: Yahoo Sports Australia

Many people don’t know that his father is not keeping well. He flew back to Jamaica the very day West Indies played its last match of the world cup. But not for a moment could anyone recognize that pain when he was on the field.

Gayle is undoubtedly among the greatest players of the game but what makes him truly special is to live the moment to its maximum. He did not bid goodbye with heavy heart but with smiling face. His act in his final world cup game is an reminder of Living Life King Size.

As he embarks his new journey beyond 22 yards, one prays he shall remain as jovial as always. Media often referred to him as “Gayle Storm”. When one glimpses on his 22 years long glorious career and moments he left for us to cherish, its realized that “Damn! This is a storm loved by all.

~Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra~

Sarabjeet loves driving, diving and dreaming. He can make most terrible jokes sound funny….and vice versa! Tallest among us in height, spirit and enthusiasm, he assures there is not single dull moment when we are around him. A child at heart, a seeker at soul and a believer at attaining goals, he can be found at sarabjeet.dhingra@gmail.com.

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