Chhalla – A Song of Paradox

Written by Gulzar, Composed by Rahman, Sung by Rabbi, Performed by Shah Rukh Khan, Chhalla by all means is the best thing about the movie it was a part of. Rare seems a song that celebrates solitude in a manner as vibrant as this song does. While the protagonist is marred by wanderlust and loneliness, not for a single note the songs delves into melancholy and self pity. Despite belonging to all but having none to hold upon, the song offers a seamless joy and is ecstatic of being hopelessly in love.

Yaaro aase-paase wasda ay yaar mera
Dikhda ni ohdiyaan khusbuaan sunghda

Nearby resides my beloved oh friends-
Not to be seen, her fragrance is all I have.

One marvels how Gulzar Saab crafted a verse in chaste Punjabi with paradoxes the soul experiences when its alone and craving for company – not to be found anywhere. The protagonist laughs, cries, roams aimlessly in quest of his own home and all he gets is burnt feet seeking shadowed shelters (Dhoop de pair jale, Chhavan ni lai doli).

The songs professes meta physically with sheer brilliance:

Naa visaal hoya kadi na judai hoi
Ishq de qaidi ki naa rihaai hoi

The one in Love, Knows neither Union nor Separation from beloved.
An eternal prisoner he remains, Unchained. Unreleased.

And the most magnificent of all couplets:

Lokon sufne ‘ch milne da wada usda
Saari saari raat na akh lagdi

Her promise to see me in the dreams
I couldn’t fall asleep whole night!!

A song written by a poet who is popular for Hindi/ Urdu Poetry, composed by a maestro whose mother tongue is Tamil, sung in Punjabi and understood in Maithili by writer of this write up whose knows nothing about music, Chhalla is a substantial evidence to prove the music has a language of its own that transcends race, religion, and geography. If the resonating strings of guitar in this song can’t get you grooving, nothing ever will!

Keep Vibing. Keep Smiling. Here is the link for the song….Let us know in comments if you found the screen lit up by exuberance of King Khan or not!! Well…you better do.

~Team GoodWill~

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