Financial Freedom : The Most Important Prerequisite of Mental Freedom

All of us want to earn money to fulfill our life goals, such as buying a car, buying a lavish house, travel abroad as much as possible, send our kids to best schools & colleges etc. We all plan for one thing or the other with best intentions & dedication.

In doing so, how many of us take risks or unexpected events into consideration? These risks can be anything from medical emergency, untimely death, recession in economy leading to loss of job. How many of us actually prepare for the “What If” or “Uncertain” situations which might come up any second at our doorstep.

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Not Many!!! Most of us tend to intentionally ignore the negativity for our goal. We like to stay in a bubble of blind positivity that such things cannot and will not happen to us ever. Only others will have to face it. We ignore the fact that cost of education will not be same ten years later as it is today. We ignore the fact that recession or a pandemic can hit us anytime and we may lose our jobs or business can get major impact. We ignore the fact that we might have a medical emergency when we are travelling. We might think a lot of things are not at all possible such as the builder, with whom I just booked a penthouse might be blacklisted as a defaulter or the company from which I just bought the swankiest car in market might shut their businesses.

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While staying in our dream land full of fairy tales can give us a momentary relaxation, it poises us for future risks and calamities without much at our hands to rescue. Secondly, we stay constantly under a fear of such travesties which doesn’t let us to enjoy our so called positive present either. There is always a fear at back of our mind.

Hence, I believe, to have a peaceful mind, one need to have a certain degree of financial independence. This not only secures our future but also instills a confidence in us to steer through the hassles of lives with calmness and firmness. Only once we are financially secure, we can attain true mental freedom and live life to our fullest.

That leads to the next and obvious question…HOW to attain financial freedom??

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The first question that we all should ask ourselves as we embark our journey of financial independence is:

How would I manage, when such things would happen with me in life while maintaining my present lifestyle?

Gone are the times when people used to have a single job for their entire lifetime and yet able to survive. The present inflation rates and standardized lifestyle have lead to expenses which a generation prior to us may not have even imagined. What was considered a luxury 20 years ago is a necessity today. But here is the good thing. You don’t have to grind all your hours endlessly and exhaust yourself in quest of money. With advent in technology, avenues to generate multiple streams of income without spending hours are far many than ever before.

Investing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing…..the list is endless.

All you need is a bit of planning, A bit of execution…and of course…a trustworthy friend who can help you out to steer through this amazing journey of financial freedom.

~Team GoodWill~

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Author is one of our team members and an IT Professional with more than 11 years of experience. He holds keen interest in the subject of finance and pursues multiple avenues in his free time from last 6 years. He is always eager to learn & guide everyone around him with all best possible ways of financial planning.

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