Perpetuity- The Painful Necessity

Traveling on roads is an interesting experience. Especially when you are not driving as one can leave the mind to wander wherever it wants to roam without much care.

I see cars, trucks, and buses incessantly moving across the highway. Irrespective of days, nights, seasons. While life has taken an upturn every now and then, the nature of roads hasn’t changed over the years. Every vehicle has passengers and drivers with their own set of troubles and issues. And yet…I see them propelling ahead ever since I started traveling. Unless the calamity hasn’t struck on that particular road, no matter what is happening around the world-who gets born, who gets terminated, who gets a tattoo & who moves in with whom-the roads don’t care! They keep on moving. They keep on moving even though there is a mortuary van beside them. Lamentations can’t stop the wheels. Nothing can. The storms within don’t curb the engine and wheels we are on. Subconsciously, we are taking a decision to keep moving ahead with every radial movement.

Tragic as they always have been, thoughts go on to the first ever calamity that mankind must have faced-maybe a cloudburst, maybe a volcano eruption, maybe the first ever loss of a loved one ever experienced. The ancestors back then, must have decided to perpetuate despite their pains and sense of grief. The first emotional bravery ever! To move ahead and let go. To keep building a new world every moment- to create fire, roofs, wheels, farms & habitats. And had that decision to move on not been taken, perhaps nothing of what we see around us in terms of existence would have been there. This painful perpetuity is so essential for the world to continue…to evolve!

This perpetuity amuses me. How can a grief that once seemed so unbearable, becomes a companion in the quest to life. I say companion as grief seldom leaves. At the corner of the mind, like a naughty pet cat, it stays to bother, lick and seek attention every now and then. But yet, one learns to live with that, to an extent that pain ceases to be suffering even when it’s there. And this process is so painful. It is like tearing apart one’s own skin with our own hands and hammering our own skull. And why? To take up life all over again-everyday…every moment. Every night there are demons to face, but day brings the sun somehow to get the engine of life roaring. No matter how hard we try to pause, after a point (which can be hours, weeks, and even years), we have to propel our being ahead given this inherent perpetual nature of the world. The world is transient and hence it is transformational.

I don’t know what holds you back. I don’t know how dark the demons you face every night are….just hang in there. There is dawn around. There is the hope of mist and dew that deserve you. And you are a descendent of those enormously great women & men who built their muddy roofs again and again when the clouds crushed their huts every year in ancient times.

Rumi once said, “If all you can do is crawl, start crawling.”

Believe him, if not me!


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