It’s Not About the Click

​My trip to Delhi for a family function was planned long ago. Everybody knew about it. I even made sure that my boss knows about it as well. I had even done the shopping for it. It doesn’t mean I purchased something for myself. It means I ensured that my wife has something new to wear for the function. I know she likes to wear something new for a party. I find a secret joy and contentment in fulfilling this little wish of hers.  

But as usual, I had to change my plans because of some office work. Now, I had two problems. Certainly, all the fun was gone. Rather than attending the lavish party with friends & relatives, I will have to dump my head in office files, letters, etc. Second is how I will tell this to Jaspreet.  

 “There is one problem; I wanted to tell you about this” 

 “Don’t say that our program would be cancelled.” 

 I was dumbstruck. Why God has given such powers to ladies. The sixth sense. Their power to know what is not even said. 

“How do you know about it?” 

 “Because it happens always” 

  “But we can do one thing. You can go with Akaal. At least you two must enjoy.” 

 She agreed. But I could sense some discomfort.  

 “What happened?” 

 “Who will take my pictures?” 

 “That’s not a big deal.” 

 “It’s a big deal. You know that I always ask you to take my pictures in the new dress.” 

 I wondered though men don’t have a sixth sense, God has given the skills of being a driver, cameraman, etc to all men in the world. I stopped my conversation there and then. I requested a cousin of mine who would be attending the function to arrange a photo session for my wife by the hired professional cameraman. He assured me that it would be done.  

 I was in Office (quite obviously) but my thoughts were wandering. How she would be looking. What wonderful pictures she will be having. I couldn’t wait and called her. 

 “So enjoying the function?” 


 We spoke for a few minutes. I didn’t ask whether the photoshoot was done. It was normal to talk and then I hung up.  

 The next day I asked my cousin to send the pictures of the photo shoot. After 15 minutes I had the copy in my mailbox. As the picture opened, I marvelled what a wonderful picture it was. She was looking beautiful. Yet something was missing. I called her.  

 “I have your photographs. You are looking beautiful.” 

 “So, you asked for that photoshoot?” 


 Then there was a silence for around 15 seconds. 

 “You liked it” 


Then we spoke for a few minutes. It was a normal talk.  I could sense a teardrop falling from her eyes. I understood why something was missing in her photograph. She was looking beautiful yet the charm wasn’t there. Probably I could have taken a better picture than that professional photographer. Than any photographer.​…

~Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra~

Sarabjeet is an avid user of fountain pens. He loves driving, diving and dreaming. He can make most terrible jokes sound funny….and vice versa! Tallest among us in height, spirit and enthusiasm, he assures there is not single dull moment when we are around him. A child at heart, a seeker at soul and a believer at attaining goals, he can be found at

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