Hope We Meet Again…

With yellow millet as the guiding herb,
The summer moon sheds light for 1000 of miles,
It’s been so bleak since I parted with you,
You left but never returned.

In the end just disappeared in eyes or vanished in heart,
But engraved everything of you in the humblest part,
All the distant memories & joys are enchanting me,
Those evanescent scenes warm the night sky,
Just got rid of sorrow, oh how I’m wasted!

I’ll meet you again in the crowd,
The chill of departure sets off the reunion,
But if the entire world withers away I’ll stay by your side,
Silently yet firmly against all odds.

If everything in this world falls apart relentlessly,
I’ll hold things together just for you,
Watch sunrise and moonshine with you,
Witness all the vicissitudes with you.

One after another, write poetic memories with you,
I want to say I don’t want to leave you,
But departure always comes before the end,
If I had to choose again,
I think I would still trade everything for you,

The night breeze blows petals into the mud,
Even the rain becomes gentle,
Sing again.
Time flies, hope we meet again……


Niharika is a student who’s into writing poems and short stories , or perhaps a human who’s finding her little escape from daily life hustle through her words.

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