The Will of God..

It was Sunday evening when I got call from Chief of management committee of Gurdwara “Kya baat hai beta, aajkal gurdwara aa nahi rahe. Hum se kuchh galti ho gayi kya?”

Of late I have been busy with quite a few things and have been skipping my weekly visit to Gurdwara. “Nahi Nahi uncle Ji, bus thoda busy tha.”

Achha fir theek hai, chalo koshish karo aane ki. Koshish karoge thoda time nikal aayega”

He hung up. I know why he called me. I used to visit every morning and all of a sudden I was skipping the weekly programs. I made up my mind to restart my morning visits from Monday. 

After a long time I visited Gurdwara on Monday and also spent some time listening to Gurbani. When I was leaving the sewadar gave me the prasad, the white small sugar balls. I put it in my mouth started enjoying without biting it. I didn’t want to swallow the prasad as I was loving the taste.

As I was on my way back I thought, “Had I wasn’t having prasad in my mouth, I would have recited Gurbani.”

The next morning I managed to ensure that I will visit Gurdwara in the morning. As I entered nobody was there to give prasad. I thought, “Yesterday I couldn’t recite Gurbani, when I was riding because I had prasad in my mouth. Its the strange way of God of ensuring I will recite it today.” I again sat for a few minutes. The person who was singing Gurbani told a story of Baba Farid, whose writings  are part of Gurbani. It goes like this:

As kid Baba Farid refrained from praying to Allah and did not do Namaz. His mother once told him “If you will sit for Namaz, Allah will give you sweets.” Everyday Baba Farid use to come for prayers where his mother would have laid down his sheet for Namaz and without letting him know used to keep sweets beneath it. When he picks up the sheet after prayers he will find sweets kept by his mother. Because of this he started praying everyday.

One day, his mother forgot to keep sweets, she prayed to Allah to do something that his son will not come for prayers because if he will come and not find sweets, his belief will be shattered and will stop praying. But Baba Farid did come. That day after prayers there were no sweets below the sheet but a big piece of jaggery was there !!

I thought I may not be a noble soul as Baba Farid, but for god all people are alike. Then why there is no one for giving prasad to me today. As I was about to leave, I could see the person who distributes prasad had come. I went to him and put my hand forward. He had put Halwa in my hands. I was perturbed what I should do with handful of prasad. I immediately put it in the mouth at one go. It was so soft that I could swallow it immediately. I went outside and as I was about to start my bike I realized what a strange way of God of ensuring I will recite it today and at the time ensuring I will get prasad as well.

Every time we challenge God, you will get a reply. Sometimes its delayed sometimes its given at that very instant. I started my bike and for next fifteen minutes I was riding my bike and reciting Gurbani- as per The Will of God….

~Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra~

Sarabjeet is an avid user of fountain pens. He loves driving, diving and dreaming. He can make most terrible jokes sound funny….and vice versa! Tallest among us in height, spirit and enthusiasm, he assures there is not single dull moment when we are around him. A child at heart, a seeker at soul and a believer at attaining goals, he can be found at

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