A Poem..

“Why must I leave?
Why must you let me go?
Knowest you. Don’t you?
Incomplete we both are,
When we are far;

You call me your soul,
Everything that you own,
And then this moment-
You tell me to go,
To be nude on paper,
To expose myself to foreign galore;

Why such infidelity Oh Pen?
Why the betrayal of trust?
You carved a shelter within you for me
Was it all a mere lust?”
Wailed the Ink.

And the Pen murmured,
“My Love! Beloved!
For a reason we are together
And that’s not for a forever.
I am a mere instrument to your destiny-
But you ought to be everything 
That paper will withhold.

Through you, dumb shall chant.
Through you, deaf shall hark.
Through you, Gods will be met.
Through you, breakups will be wept.
Through you, Martyrs will write last.

I love you my breath.
For sans you I am all-
A hollow pole.
But our love must not be a reason,
the world suffers a dour;

Time to go Oh nerve of my heart-
Let’s let the truth prevail.
Let us depart.”

The ink closed its eyes.
With memories and agonies,
It surrendered itself to paper,
And became-
A Poem……..

~T T Papermate~

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