The Discovery of a Nation continues..

It is tough to decide whether it’s the foresight of our writers or the misfortune of our country that literature written eons ago remain relevant to current contexts. With time, those tales of misery, corruption, cruelty, and disharmony must have become obsolete by now. Hori should have been living a dignified life by now. Mangu Kochwan must have got something to rejoice about from new legislation. We should have got an absolute answer to the question “Is Freedom a mere name of three tired colors carried by a wheel or it has got some special meaning?”

Unfortunately, the issues faced by those protagonists seem still alive than ever before. Their doubts remain blazing as ever before. They seem real when they should have become mythical. Perhaps, we have not solved their problems. Even if we have, we have solved them “not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially.” We have done well to learn how to live somehow and anyhow with these problems. We seem to have conquered our quests despite the state and not due to it. While the writer is incompetent to judge, he can’t deny it is this stubborn resilience of never giving up that stitches the hope-laden fabric of Tri-color.

This spirit, if not anything else, ought to be celebrated and imbibed within.

The question that stares at us today is not if we could abide by the lofty ideals set 75 years ago. We might have succeeded, yet failed. We might have failed, yet succeeded. Ideals, goals, and aspirations are evolutionary. They have always been. The real question that must haunt us that whether the current and forthcoming generations will have the conviction and courage that their forefathers had while opposing their oppressors. Will they find their voice amidst omnipresent noise? Will they learn to listen the way they learn to express themselves?

As long as these questions remain unanswered, the Discovery of India shall continue- adding new chapters to its enriching yet paradoxical pages.

Happy Independence Day Folks! May we always have courage, conviction, and wisdom to find our voice midst noise. May we learn to listen the way we learn to express ourselves.

Keep Smiling.

~T T Papermate~

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