We’ve just begun

We made it to the 75th Independence Day. It is a matter of immense pride for 130 crores Indians.

We have come a long way. Imagine a country with roughly 14% literacy, an agricultural system in tatters with a zamindari system, hunger, poverty, diseases, absence of infrastructure. You name it and it was there. Adding to the misery was the biggest human migration in living memory amidst the most gruesome communal riots. The day of 15 August 1947 was equally painful and joyful.

Scene of people migrating on trains in Partition.
Credit: Wikimedia

India is a fairy tale saga of a turnaround if seen in this context. Today India is a symbol of hope. We have a thriving economy, and massive infrastructure in place, we just pulled off the biggest vaccination drive in the history of humanity. We won 3 cricket world cups and recently an Olympic Gold medal. Our literacy rate has passed the distinction level. We live in a corporate age, managers are revered for their abilities to turn around the financial fortunes of companies.

We did hit a few roadblocks along the way and took some wrong calls. We failed a few fronts. Yet it has been an incredible journey.

It’s kind of amazing that boys and girls went to space, conquered Everest, won Nobel and Oscars, and became professors and alumni of the best educational institutions on the planet. Wrote great literature, and compose most melodious songs. Our girls especially helmed some of the biggest projects like our maiden voyage to Mars. We almost sent Vikram to the moon.

While we have a bucket full of a list of achievements to be proud of, let’s take a moment to remember who left us along the way. Our soldiers who sacrificed lives, our policemen, medical staff, and those million unnamed who gave up lives for the nation and people.

There will be another Independence Day and uncountable more will come, but this one will always be super special. For we did come a long way. We have got a lot more to do, a lot more to be, a lot more places to go. We are motivated. We are determined. We are learning from our failures. We’re getting better. We’ve just begun!

Congratulations to our fellow Indians. Let us be the best.

~Deepak Mohan~

Deepak is author of the book “So Far, So Good”. He loves chasing dreams and believes in creating memorable ripples of hope, humor and helpfulness through his friendship. An avid reader and observer, he can discuss almost anything on spur of a moment. A staunch Roger Federer and Lucky Ali fan…

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