Life has no purpose.

Yes you read that right. Your existence has no purpose. Nor does mine. We will live our quota of years, and depart. That’s how it has been. That’s how it is and it will be. The world will keep hustling, fighting, running, loving and continue doing whatever it feels its supposed to despite our presence or absence.

Nothing more than an empty vessel our lives are. And here is the catch. An empty vessel can be filled! It can carry the best of wines and worst of cyanide. Whatever those forces are up above, have endowed human race a will to conquer its own limitations. It is this free will to choose our purpose that empowers us to have a fulfilled life. It is also this free will to choose a forever devastated melancholy. And it is also this very free will to lead a life without any purpose at all.

In all forms of abiding by this free will, there remains things that can never be fulfilled. There remain desires and dreams that never come true. Yet when the very quest of those dreams becomes the purpose, it becomes a journey that is ever so pleasing and worth a living a life for. It is perhaps this theme of eternal quest that impelled Harivansh Rai Bacchan to proclaim following lines:

मदिरा पीने की अभिलाषा ही बन जाए जब हाला,

अधरों की आतुरता में ही जब आभासित हो प्याला,

बने ध्यान ही करते-करते जब साकी साकार, सखे,

रहे न हाला, प्याला, साकी, तुझे मिलेगी मधुशाला!

(When urge to drink itself seems an inebriate,

desperation of lips pleases you like a glass of wine,

when mere meditating the beloved one brings realism of embrace;

Sans Wine, Sans Glass, Sans Beloved,

Dear friend yet you shall have your tavern, Yet you shall have your trance).


Thus, it is all upon oneself to fill these mundane ticks of clocks with a quest that can add meaning to our time spent on earth. The quest might not get fulfilled but shall fuel our reason to live. Our forefathers knew the freedom they are fighting for might not be achieved during their lifetimes. Yet they fought. The researchers seeking cure for incurable maladies understand that all their efforts might go in vain. But yet, they keep the baton moving forward. It is this quest that gives them a reason to wake up in the morning. It is this purpose that grants them strength to overcome grief of losing loved ones, surviving heart breaks and betrayals that world has to offer.

We are perhaps in an amusement park with amazing rides. These rides come to us in form of duties and missions. We can either sit and see the world transverse or join the wagon to experience and grow. In every manner, our stay at amusement park is going to be over. But what we made out of this stay is going to define us.

For a person who decides not to take a single ride, amusement park holds no purpose. But for the one dares to push one’s own fears, boy, isn’t it literally a roller coaster ride?

Life has no purpose at all.


Unless, you give it one.

~Team GoodWill~

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