You – The Organisation

Not just body. Not just a soul. A human being is an organization, a firm in oneself as a whole.  As an organization requires multiple expertise and departments to function effectively, a human being needs to either gain expertise themselves or take it from someone else. And just like any of the function falls weak for an organization results in loss/damage to the firm, if one falls short in abiding any of the responsibilities, the result cannot be favorable towards his or her healthy existence. Mind it that a company may exist on paper even if it does nothing at all. But that’s all it’s worth would be. Same applies to human beings as well.

In subsequent sections, we relate these organizational functions in context of human existence.

  • The HR

You can just read R for Relationship in this. The greatest assets of an organization are the people associated with it and if it desires to grow, it has to flourish a strong workforce that steers it through the ever so competitive environment.

In similar fashion and passion, a being has to work on the relationship it makes with others for an enriching life. This doesn’t just mean a romantic relationship but includes friends, parents, relatives, and mentors in their entire eternity. These relationships are the biggest assets what a person builds throughout their lives.

Having a wholesome relationship just not creates mental sanctity but also imparts confidence when going gets tough in this ever transient world. They become your go to resort when you need emotional support to move ahead in life.

Remember the great saying, “Man is a Social Animal.” Fortunately or unfortunately that’s right. Silos are only for grains. You have to go out of your shell, engage and develop skills to keep your relationships healthy and sane.

  • The IT

Times have changed. Gone are the days when you just had to scribble on sheets with pen and paper to get something done. No matter what domain you work in, you will have to equip yourself with the basic IT skills and infrastructure in place. While sending mails and paying bills through phones can sound a cake walk to a generation, a great fraction of population still isn’t aware of such novelties that technology has bestowed us with. And to sustain you must know these basics well. Ever heard of an organization that doesn’t send mail or doesn’t file its taxes? Even we haven’t. So if you don’t know it, learn. If you know it, teach someone who doesn’t.

  • The Finance

You were waiting for this. Weren’t you! Well no matter what stoics, philosophers, sages and saints proclaim, a financial well being is THE most important of all departments of your life. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness. But in a world that is guarded and operates on money, which is the most common language spoken in world, you would not like to be a dumb in such a cohort.

Learn. Invest. Grow. You don’t have to take it as greed. But if you treat creation of wealth an art or even a skill to learn, apart from financial well being, you will have a better understanding of how the world works. Never demean wealth. Respect it and it will embrace you back.

  • Sales & Marketing   

We take the liberty to merge these different but important attributes of your existence. Selling often is taken as a derogatory term, especially when it comes to our films with hero often proclaiming “main bikau nahi hu chinoy seth”!(I ain’t for sale!)

Whether you like it or not, but we all are in sales directly or indirectly trying to sell our skills, time or products and seeking a value in return. And if we don’t develop skills to sell, we lose out on our monetary value and reimbursements.

That is where marketing comes into picture. In simple terms it’s positioning the product or service in the market so that people looking for them can reach out to it. Pitching your skills, presenting your experience, and sensitizing people about your abilities will always keep you buzzing with new and exciting opportunities.

While there are countless departments that can be added but space and times limit us to end this write up here. But this end should be the beginning of your pondering on life and taking steps ahead to strengthen your departments to become a profitable, sustainable and socially contributing organization.

Which other departments can you think off that you can relate with human existence. Let us know in comments.

~With Special Thanks to UJ for the edits!

~Team GoodWill~

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