What is perfection? How can it be defined? If we go by the literal meaning, something which is flawless or a situation which is just the way we want it to be.

  • Perfection is relative

In the real world, the meaning of perfection depends upon the perception of every individual. Perfection is a relative term. What one person finds perfect may not be necessarily perfect for the other. Now, if there is nothing which we can claim is absolutely perfect, lets stop searching for perfect person, perfect situations or perfect things in life.

Credit: Pexels
  • Perfection is a vicious circle              

The idea of perfectionism is a vicious circle. It makes a person to seek perfection in everything whether it’s a relationship, career or situations in life. It makes us feel that something is always lacking and make them strive harder to get that perfection. Perfectionists often tend to be rigid. This can lead to bring negative impact on one’s mind and body.

  • Life is much more than being perfect           

Its absolutely fine if someone is not perfect.  Instead of searching perfection in others let’s search the positives in others. Every person has some good qualities and some shortcomings. Good qualities attract positive energy and in the process the bad things will not bother  us and thus the negative energy would be kept away from us.

  • The Path of Acceptance is the way ahead

So next time if you stress yourself and people around for pursuit of perfection, calm down and remember the following:

  • Stop comparing and understand every individual is unique. This acceptance in our relationships is extremely important.
  • Perfection is subjective; someone else’s idea of perfection may not actually be what is right for us.
  • Be clear with your thoughts. Let us not allow other people’s ideas of perfection, to become your own.
  • Last but not the least; learn to respect ourselves as we are, with all the imperfections instead of looking for outside approval.

                So it’s absolutely perfect to be imperfect. If things are always perfect, how would one learn and grow in life?

~Bhuvana “Jaya”~

As apparent from her name, "Jaya" has always had a victorious approach towards life. Optimism is her way of living life.
She loves to listen music during her leisure time. She firmly believes that failures are gateways to success.

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