What is NOT an Ideal Education System?

     The pandemic has led a transition in the ideal education system. With classes’ beaming through laptops and phones, and lessons being imparted on mobile screen, this is best time to restructure our education system.  Winston Churchill said,

“Never waste a crisis.”

Can we utilise this crisis to restructure our thought process on how we perceive education? If we want children to be ideal citizens of the world, isn’t it our responsibility to create an ideal education system for them. Before we know what is an ideal education system, its important to define what is it NOT!

Well….in an ideal education system:

1.            Vision is NOT reduced to make students successful in market dominated world.

Importance of making them good human beings is not just a slogan. Life skills like: Self-Awareness, Empathy, Coping with stress etc. are equal (if not greater) part of curriculum like Science, Maths, English etc. in our curriculum.

Credit : Pexels

2.            Focus is NOT limited to knowledge transfer & retention of knowledge.

An Ideal Education system provides ample of opportunities, time & space for developing creativity. The performance management system is not heavily dependent on written exams where retention of theory is primary focus. There is a provision of project, activity-based review system or open book exams where application of theory is more important.

Credit: Pexels

3.            Teacher-Student relationship has NOT lost its strength.

Teachers and Parents share this responsibility. Education is not ought to be a mere business transaction. Counselling of teachers is the first step in rebuilding this relationship which needs to be followed by counselling of parents for the same.

Credit: Pexels

Do you think we are headed in right direction when it comes to imparting ideal education to kids? How can we make our education system better than it is? Are we fair to kids when we put so much at emotions stake on their marks?

Are we fair to lions when we ask them to fly?

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Saurabh Jain

Saurabh is a student of life and theatre.

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