Dear Pen…

Write not any lie Dear Pen;
For the world has many,
And so has my tongue.
I hold you to inscribe-
Truth of my being,
The reflection of my soul.

Mesmerizing eternity of dreams,
That my eyes curtail-
Put it forward Dear Pen;
So that the world may know-
Beyond all sufferings and disasters,
exist rainbow of enchanted lands,
But with honest eyes they are to be seen.

Bestow me Dear Pen-
The most ruthless of words
& the bitterest of phrases.
Grant me the strength –
When I describe social absurdities;
To face wrath of hypocrites
Agonized by truth mirrored at them.

At times….Dear Pen!!
I shall whisper of Muse.
The tenderness of fingers,
Curls of hair, smiling charm;
Let my words Dear Pen-
Be an odyssey of epical beauty,
sweeter than honey, smoother than silk.

Less often it would happen,
But surely it would-
I’ll talk about my solitude.
Drag me not my Dear Pen;
To a self woven melancholy;
Jot down rather-
Memoirs of my friends,
And their exuberance,
For that’s what would bring
me respite from despair.

Fake not Dear Pen-
Smiles with tears,
And tears with smile.
For if you too guile the truth-
Why at all would anyone write???

~T T Papermate~

Papermate is just another face from the maddening crowd.

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