My Cherished lunch group!!

It all started in the year 2015.

I was busy with the recruitment exercise in my division. Finally it got over in about two months. In due course the new recruits joined my office as staff consultants. Being the dealing official in the recruitment exercise I helped them to complete the mandatory joining formalities and in the process, I became the  mediator in introducing them to each other.

Incidentally we became lunch partners. It was a weird combination as they were a bunch of four youngsters and I was the eldest and hence became like a mother figure to them. Even though there was a generation gap, we gelled up well.

Let me tell you about them.

All of them were from different cultural backgrounds. The senior most, NS belonged to UP. SS and SA were from Punjab and TT, the youngest was from Bihar. Everyday during lunch time they used to have  discussions on different topics. I used to enjoy their lunchtime discussions.

Credit: Pexels

NS was very strong in Indian History. His knowledge about our ancient History was amazing. SS and SA had a brilliant sense of humour. So  our lunch time never had any dull moments. TT was mostly a silent observer. All the rest used to take part in the discussions, and he used to sit silently and observe, occasionally commenting in between our discussions.

Though I was the odd one out in our group, they never made me feel awkward or left out. I also made them comfortable and tried to participate in their discussions. All four of them were very well behaved and decent gentlemen. Being a small contributor in shaping their career they always have a special regard for me. For me all of them are adorable. 

Credit: Pexels

Though today all of them left my organization to pursue better career prospects, I’m in touch with all of them. I really miss my most cherished lunchtime companions. May god bless them with many more successes in life. My sincere prayer to the  almighty is to keep them and their family safe and healthy in  this tough time of pandemic  and give them enough courage and a positive frame of mind to fight and come out as winners.

~Bhuvana “Jaya”~

As apparent from her name, "Jaya" has always had a victorious approach towards life. Optimism is her way of living life.
She loves to listen music during her leisure time. She firmly believes that failures are gateways to success.

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