5 Things to declutter from your home

  1. Old papers

When say papers, it covers every damn sheet in your home that you don’t need or can be digitalised. This includes newspapers, bills, grocery receipts, (awww….keep one or two as memorablia), restaurant menus, pamphlets, wrappers, damn any such thing. Here is the goods news: You don’t need them anymore. And if at all you do, you can have a softcopy of it in case-just a click away. Handling papers require time, energy and most importantly-the space. And trust us, universe exists in empty spaces too.

So get rid of your nostalgia. Throw that chocolate wrapper you are holding on too since your first date. He/ She is either gone or still with you. In either case, the wrapper has not much to do now.

2. Gadgets and Appliances that you don’t use anymore.

Ok we understand you were amongst first people to buy an iphone on this planet. We also feel for your old microwave that you brought in 1623 A.D (even B.C). And we also know that you do not use them anymore but holding on to them for the sake of nostalgia. Dude, don’t turn your home into a museum. At least for the museum sake. Understand that your love for a redundant gadget is only holding a clutter in your home. A visible noise. We leave it to your discretion on how to settle your affair with these artifacts: you can throw or donate to a recycler. Just don’t bother your home with a luggage you don’t use.

3. Expired medicines and cosmetics

This is not even nostalgia! Not even a memory! And we wonder why we keep our drawers untidy with expired paracetamol and dressing table with a billion year old moisturizer. These packs not only add an unwanted clutter to our home but pose a risk in case consumed accidentally. So look- there is the bin and you need to throw these old shampoo bottles and medicines-one by one-till there are none.

4. Old clothes (that you don’t wear anymore)

No. We are not telling you to throw away your college jersey. But that jacket that does not fit you at all? The trouser that you burnt while ironing? That shirt that has a stain and you wont wear for a calamity now? You can donate them right? It can be of some use to someone needy and a big respite for your wardrobe. Nothing gives more joy than seeing a well arranged wardrobe after shower. Make some breathing space for clothes you actually wear. And those you don’t-let them be worn by someone who needs them more than you!

5. Books

Boy this is going to be tough. And that’s why we have kept it for the last. Books can be rather difficult to part away. Ah the cover, the smell, the humble nostalgia they carry!! Books are those rare species that remain intact even after we consume them! And that is the reason why they should be transferred once done with. Central idea of a book is to spread information and ideas after all. And by keeping them idle in your study, you are restricting there purpose. Let them reach the nooks of the world. If you have read them once and not willing to read them again….let them go! If you have not read and yet not willing to read again…let them go!! Few collectibles are permit-able always and we leave that on you. But those degree books that are lying for last 10 years won’t be of any use to you now we guess. And if at all you need to revisit something…well…you have the internet!!

So what will you de-clutter today? Let us know….

Keep Smiling.

Team GoodWill


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