Driving- A synonym for life!

I was driving my car and another car went past me at a very high speed. It was behind me a while ago suddenly it changed its lane overtook me. I realized how meaning of life and driving converge. You have to change lane to get past someone.

I realized there are so many other similarities driving a car has with life. We keep overtaking others and when we are about to reach our destination, we slow down thinking you have not let anyone cross you. And then the roads surprise us.

Credit: Pexels

How do you feel when someone overtakes you or goes ahead in life?

We meet so many vehicles just like people and loose them as we reach our final destination. Roads bring people closer. Like Life! Roads makes them apart. Like….

The time when we are ending our journey someone else is just about to begin. We don’t realize this but that’s the truth and the Cycle goes on. Drive continues.

They say life is a journey..its how we take it…we may just keep overtaking everyone and in the process forget to enjoy both…So lets keep it simple…keep moving in side lane, enjoy your journey and don’t get frustrated with others going past us.

Go ahead…Enjoy you Drive!!

Keep Smiling!!

Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra


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