You are the CEO of your world

Beginning of 2023 saw layoffs and pink slips from global giants like Microsoft and Google. In past half decade or so we witnessed exit of many automobile companies like General Motors, Ford, Harley from India to name a few.  All these pink slips and exits results in several thousands of people becoming jobless overnight. While we keep on deliberating and debating on why the corporations did so; I personally feel for the impacted employees more than anything else. Their career has come to a halt, monthly income has stopped, financial security is gone and building everything from here is surely going to be an uphill task.

In my book “Fall, Don’t Fail”, I have talked in detail about how one can safe zone his or her career from these kinds of eventualities. I have also written the ten learnings of the protagonist of my book who went through the painful process of being pink slipped and after that turned this crisis into an opportunity by becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Rohit Goel, Author: Fall don’t Fail

In the current scenario wherein several thousand people are forced to go through this pain and anguish I would like to quote few lines from my book. These are one of the ten learnings shared by the protagonist of my book; it is titled as – You are the CEO of your world.  It is about being strong for no reason other than that few people which is core to our existence look up to us for strength; and we cannot fail them come what may.  It goes as following:

“Everyone has a unique world of their own, made up of a few people who really matter to them. The first lesson that I learned is that each one of us should treat ourselves as the CEO of this little world. What does it mean? It simply means taking care of our loved ones. This world of ours is a mix of family members, a few friends, neighbours, casual acquaintances, and associates such as domestic help and other support staff. Our behaviour with them must be kingly in letter and spirit at all times. We must learn to contain our emotions and make decisions that are customised to the context, adapted to the person, and filtered to serve their needs. For example, we cannot tell our children everything we’re feeling. Regardless of what we are going through, we need to create a positive, happy, forward-looking world for those who look up to us. Despite the rejections and failures, I faced in my new venture, I always returned home with a smile. Festivals and birthdays were celebrated as usual; family time was never compromised. My family, my kids in particular, never had to bear the burden of my choices. So, whatever may be your title at the workplace, you are definitely the CEO of your personal world. Behave like a CEO, protect your people, motivate them, provide for them, and keep them happy and close. This in turn will keep you happy and charged.”

~Rohit Goel~

Rohit’s debut book “Fall, Don’t Fail” became Amazon Best seller in its category a few months back; The book is inspired by real life incidences; it gives a great insight on what happens inside corporations and affected people’s life when the companies decide to downsize their workforce and go for the layoffs.
Rohit loves writing poems and short stories. He is presently working on a collection of poetry and his next fiction book.

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