7 Lessons I have learnt in 2022

2022 has been a crazy year. Every moment is a new learning and revelation for me. Here is a month wise chronicle of what the year taught me so far.

January : You cannot be with someone, who disrespects your time or make you believe you are not worth it. If they do so just cut-off those people from your life.

February : Life will become difficult when you choose a path , you don’t know anything about. You have to be consistent no matter what comes or goes.

March : You have to control over your mind and feelings , it’s ok to be weak or feeling dull for a while. But here you have to make a decision that what you really wish to have in your life.

April : If you only manifest about things, they will be in your mind forever but you can’t achieve them. You have to fight for your choice no matter who is in front of you. They can be your family or friends or yourself.

May : You make someone special, once you are over them, you realize they are not even ordinary they are even below. You can get attracted by there looks, but if they are a happy soul and they are part of your life they make your life journey a blessing.


June : It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your project if you are not doing it smartly you will eventually fail.

July : There is no age no time to start something that you wish to achieve. You can always make effort to call a person and talk to them. Tell them you love them and you are ready to make things right if they also wish the same. You can start new project, a completely different world where you have to work 10x more than people already doing it, and still you can fail. But, in the end its all worth it if you are trying. Make yourself clear first, before explaining anything to anyone. Go for things that you wish to have not what your friends and family wants.

A year can change a lot in a person, its been only 7 months and I have changed a lot. And there is a old saying by Altaf Raja “woh saal dusra tha, yeh saal dusra hai”


Methodical yet childish, Yatin "Sheftah" describes himself as following:

“In this new age and era, I am a bit classical, 
a bit careless, a bit vagabond,
midst festivals of wines -
its the tea that I strive.
Even today old songs make me smile.
In times of Hip-Hop, I am a bit like Nusrat Saab's Qwaali
In this mad world running its rat hawk,
I am a bit like the slow traveler who loves to walk."
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