A Nightless World

Hong Kong. 13 June 2125.

The year was 2087 A.D. On 25th January, world saw its last night. With advent of solar and nanotechnology over last two centuries, it didn’t took much to plan installing mega reflectors with geostationary orbit that could reflect sunlight to the darker side of the earth. Project Chief Robert Williams in his inaugural address proudly announced to the world,

“Ladies and Gentleman! This is the last time you will say goodnight to your loved ones. Make sure you mean it.”

Rober William, project chief, mission 24 by 7

As the era of night ended and the one with eternal day light commenced, mankind saw and unprecedented economic boom. The great capitalist utopia had seen the light of day. Urge to rest was a considered a primitive disorder that human used to have. Pausing was a sin. While the artificial intelligence was adapting to the new emotions which humans have instilled in it, humans were mechanized as never before. There was no need to sleep. If one had to catch up with this ever so woke lit world, one had to keep moving across continents through the monstrous superconducting maglevs which could carry almost half of the American population at a go. There was no need to relax.  And every need to desire. And with great desires, came enormous human grit to work across the continents and calendars without sensing the transition between light and dark unlike their predecessors.

Schematic Diagram of Mega reflector design: An Excerpt from Robert Williams notebook

Biologist F.E Houstion in his epic masterpiece “ Redesigning the human genome, 2054” wrote

“If at all Darwin was correct, merely having a 24 hours lit day might not be sufficient to utilize its true worth Humans have been programmed to sense the time through their body clocks. If we want their energy levels to be as eternal as day light would be, we will have to redesign the very code with which the human DNA has been crafted.”

-F.E Houstion, Redesigning the human genome, 2054

The anti-sleep pills (ASP) by Gravitas, leading pharmaceutical firms resolved the issue. One could stay awake for weeks by popping one of these colored fancy tablets. Sleep wasn’t an issue anymore. Dealing with the transition of this work schedule wasn’t that difficult for the organizations either. While a century ago, on site meant working in a foreign land with a high salary and perks, this century had evolved on-site meaning to work in space stations hanging up there in earth’s orbit. Space travel had become cheaper and easier than visiting one’s parents in country side. And the work force wasn’t complaining. Sleeping anyways was considered mediocre even by their recessing generation who boasted to burn midnight oil for completion of their tasks. The only difference now that there was no midnight. Heck. There was no night at all.

Roads were never empty. Shops never closed. Factories never stopped and lives only rested when they had to be rested in peace. Art was dead. So was poetry. So was the music.

As every Devil has an advocate, humanity has plenty of covert action groups that vehemently oppose the new work order. Recently, Dr. A. Kumar, President of Global Association for Preservation of Night & Nocturnal Activities (GAPNNA), addressed the United Nations in 2115 AD on such meet.

“Friends, it is matter of prime importance for us to understand the gravity of the times we are living through. Our generation is plagued with fatigue, depression and an endless gloom. As the concept of tomorrow has been abolished in all practical sense, we are unable to seek hope in it as our ancestors used to. We are unable to overcome our tragedies, refresh our souls and ponder about the universe. Despite the solar revolution and abolition of fossils, we have failed to mitigate climate change due to demolition of forests for creating space to accommodate the new work order. It is thus, in best interest of world to refurbish night back into its sphere. “

Dr. A Kumar, President, gapnna

The question that remains hurled in front of mankind is “are the nations ready to do it? Will they forgo their right of ever lit day and sanction the mega reflectors to be demolished and what would it them take to do so?”

~Phil Benjamin, with inputs from Stella Fin~

The writer is special correspondent of The GoodWill Blog based out of future. 

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  1. cant stop laughing
    wow – every full stop leads to a new frame a different phase, very entertaining and special thank u fr the mention of AD – my memory has locked this again BC was before AD

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