To Do or To Write?

Today a friend of mine gifted a fountain pen to me. I wondered what to do with it. I recalled when I used to come back home from school with hands and uniform with as many ink spots as there are stars in the sky. Perhaps even more. I also remembered my adolescence when I used to scribble silly poetry for a new girl in the class.

Well…this was my moment now. I thought I will begin writing with this pen something different. I will write what I couldn’t write when I was in class IX. Now I have better understanding of language and vocabulary as well. I understand the difference between “except” and “accept”. I can express my feeling for that girl of class IX better.

But why I should write about her? She must already have been married with two kids and would not heed her time to this. Plan needed a change.  

I will write something that can inspire the youth, will reflect respect for my country and can glorify the rich culture and strength of my country.  Absolutely risk free topic without any controversies and people would love it. Patriotism after all is our national drug. Then I realized this will require immense patience and thought. Let’s leave it for another day/night/whatever.

Tonight, I should write something for my parents. They don’t need fancy words. Simple words for them will do. But I didn’t want to make this moment heavy. I would get emotional and my tear may smudge the inked letters.

I should write something that will make me feel light. Let me write something for my friends. While writing I will cherish the moments as well that I spent with them. Suddenly this small stick of plastic and metal urged me to write something that I lured.

So many thoughts were wandering in my mind. I wanted to write for all of them. Finally, as I had made up my mind, I picked a diary. As the nib of my pen touched the white sheet, my phone rang. I knew it’s my boss. I had set the ringtone for him. Don’t ask me which one.

“Hello…Yes Sir….Yes Sir…I will do it Sir…no no no…I will start working on it right away….Yes Sir….I have prepared that as well…. Right sir…good night sir…”

How can somebody call so late in the night and ask to work. He spoke so many things in just two minutes call and wanted me to make a note. I used the fountain pen in my hand and that diary to make a To-Do list as per his directions. Nonetheless, the moment was ruined. My mind was flooded with so many beautiful thoughts and now all I had was a To-Do list which was meant to be completed at earliest. This is it. The corporate world snatched yet another best seller from this world.

Credit: Pexels

But wait! A strange realization hovered around me as I stared at my laptop to finish the tasks. The pen, by all means, after all is just for writing! It doesn’t take a literary masterpiece to reflect a pen’s worth. This To-Do bullet list that I have jotted down will enable me to secure my finances. Through fulfilling this list, I may be able to bring happiness to my wife by giving her comfort and a good life. This To Do list can evolve for my parents who apparently are proud of their child who has grown up and earning for himself. This is for my friends with whom I will be enjoying by having lunch together in our old favourite South Indian restaurant. If I work sincerely on this To-Do list, it may make contribution to growth of my country as well. And obviously, my kid will be happy that I am busy and not poking him to study. By fulfilling this boring yet fruitful To-Do List I was actually fulfilling every person for whom I wanted to write. 

Everything in life is not meant for a fathomless glory. But that does not take away the importance of mundane activities we undertake for our livelihoods. The spirits with which we commence our action define us. I marveled how the piece of plastic and metal turned into something special, and how it eventually turned into a mere utility that would help me making an office To-Do list. It is something that was nothing for me then became everything and now it has made me realize I can do anything.  This is the beauty of pen. A pen and passion for writing and it will change the world. Not only of oneself but others as well.

Keep writing….Keep Smiling.

~Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra~

Sarabjeet is an avid user of fountain pens. He loves driving, diving and dreaming. He can make most terrible jokes sound funny….and vice versa! Tallest among us in height, spirit and enthusiasm, he assures there is not single dull moment when we are around him. A child at heart, a seeker at soul and a believer at attaining goals, he can be found at

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