A poem with a color different…

Someday dear folks!
I’ll write
A poem with color different-
from all those I wrote before.

No melancholy for sure,
No memories to forgo,
No agonies to surpass,
No nightmares to ignore.

A poem inked with-
eternity of dreams,
spectares of enchanted lands,
symphonies of harmony,
exuberance of friends.

A poem-
that doesn’t lament solitude,
but celebrates the gift it breeds.
A poem with kindergarten charms,
of toys, books and farms,
of Hope and Smiles.
If nothing else friends,
A Poem of Joy!!
Yes! A Poem of Joy!

Someday dear folks!
I’ll write & You’ll read
A poem of Joy.
Let today be that day.
Let this be that poem!!

~T T Papermate~

Papermate is just another face from the maddening crowd.

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