When I can’t sleep, my Lord!

When I can’t sleep my Lord,
Let me not glide into despondence.
Unravel how you made the world,
More on Why you made the world.

Whisper to the melody longing buds,
The secrets of sun, seas and shore.
What is it in the earth?
That infatuates the clouds to pour.
What rhyme do stars sing through twinkle?
Does the dark side of moon too grumble?

Make me forget my Lord,
Every memory that injures,
Every mare that conjures;
With past gone by,
& future looking bleak,
It’s the night all I have,
Where I get myself to meet.
Bless this meeting my Lord,
to be the most glorious of all.
Help me shackle my ego with tears,
For the soul is done dying with fears.

Hold my back my Lord,
When I question the answers I have.
& answer the questions I don’t.
Were all my dreams my myth?
Were all my silences my shrill?
Will I ever meet my unwritten poems?

All that night craves is Dawn,
But the shining sun dismisses the Night,
alleging her not being so bright.
Why device this infidelity, my Lord?

When I can’t sleep, my Lord,
Let me not glide into despondence.
Impart me hope. Impart me courage.
To see this sorcery of sun in the morning,
To marvel at it and

~T T Papermate~

Papermate is just another face from the maddening crowd.

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