Only Radha Can…

Bitterest Oh Krishna!
Bitterest agony you have earned me.
For all my warmth and care,
A cruel farewell you have conned me.

The village laughed on me-
When I stood beside a butter thief,
I leveraged all my pains within;
When you went Mathura to kill.
In every moment of wait-
I died a million times.
Yet one day you will return-
I kept the hope alive.

Why then Oh Krishna-
Did you punish my faith?
If I was divine,
and you a God to be deemed-
Why then thy own divinity,
did thee thyself deceive?

Subtle of the sounds,
that this cosmos offers-
The rings of cowbells,
& churning of milk;
Hawker’s cry to sell goods,
Noise of frying oil
as my mother cooks;

Reminds me Oh Krishna-
Of the tunes of romance
that you played to me,
Beneath that kadamb tree.

Bring me back
the melody of your flute!!!
Or turn me deaf
oh God of all worlds!!
I can’t bear the eternal silence,
That your absence has brought.

What joy shall I seek….
In the fact that
thy name shall be attached to mine,
In epics and pious place.
Ah The mortals don’t know-
Apart from your company,
I needed no other glory,
no other grace.

Now go away Oh Lord…
Attain your earthly aims.
All your godliness can’t wipe my tears;
Can’t heal my pain.
One life that I have…
Shall go in vain just murmuring your name.

Leave me alone oh incompetent Lord,
And break no more hearts.
For no one else on earth can carry,
A Heart broken by god.

Only Radha Can..
Only Radha Can…

Only Radha Can….

~T T Papermate~

Papermate is just another face from the maddening crowd.

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