There is a song called “Chali Kahani”…

There are epics; there are songs. There are epics sung as songs; there are songs becoming epic. But rarely comes a composition that carries essence of all the epics.

What begins with tale of Soni -Mahival transcends itself to era of Moses and Pharon. How beautifully it links the tales of Vasudeva-Krishna, Illiad and Ramayan. A song which is just like any other song of Sukhvinder Singh…brilliant and hard to imagine in any other voice.

In the high pitch stunner, comes a moment where time literally stops. Words like before and after seem irrelevant. That is when Haricharan (successfully) consoles “Why should the separation irk-when all one sees within is beloved!!” How Haripriya asks for death-either for self or the damned distances.

The song reinvents itself-almost rising from its own stillness. Flowing to the Akbar Salim saga, cheering Heer Ranjha- In the closing tune, the song packs itself like an end of play…only to begin again. And one feels how all legends are one and same steering through brutalities and complex human tendencies irrespective of the eras, geography and races involved. One also smiles how word “kachda” has been incorporated without making it sound silly.

“Chali Kahani” from Tamasha is a valiant effort by A.R. Rahman and Irshad Kaamil. A kind of musical opera that creates intense visuals. We wish we had better adjectives to describe the magnanimity of the track. Certain creations that overwhelm, this one joins the list for sure.

You can listen to this song below. Use of Headphones Strictly Recommended!!

~Team GoodWill~

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