What I Ought to be…

I am the journey,
that I trail everyday;
I am the destination.
I reach every night;
The beginnings I make is me,
The smiles I create is me.

I am the tear,
I shed in pain;
I am my wet cloth,
that got drenched in rains;
The world laments,
when a part of me dies;
It rejoices somewhere,
when I rise.

I am humble,
before my prouder half;
I defeat my violence,
with patience craft.

I have offered,
truthful silence to sinful lies;
I have sought trance,
in cacophony vibes.

Every part of me-
that fights, wins and looses me-is me.

And though I had ceased to be,
Hereafter, I promise I shall be-

~Team GoodWill~

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