I kept moving with life’s gear,

Smoking all worries up in the air.

Saahir Ludhiyanvi

I think every Hindi movie lover knows about this famous Hindi song sung by the legendary Mohammad Rafi Saheb penned by poet Sahir Ludhiyanavi. My heart feels connected to every word of this song.

Today when I am entering into the third phase of my life, I am surprised when I recall there was a phase I was dejected due to some bitter experiences in life. My life seemed aimless and meaningless.

Credit : Pexels

At that juncture, a twist occurred in my life. I found my zeal for life back. While aging gracefully, I started looking at life with a new perspective and gathered new experiences at every stage of life.

I have understood about life is that:

  • Whatever has to happen will happen at exactly the right time.
  • You cannot gain anything different from what you are destined.
  • It’s those who keep trying finally find the victory!
  • Never keep any grudges in your heart for whatsoever reason.
  • Always have faith in self and the almighty.
  • Keep negativity at bay , be healthy and happy.

There is an undecipherable superpower beyond all of us. Have trust in that hidden superpower. On several occasions, I found myself trapped in a dark tunnel and with no way to come out. But then at the far end of that tunnel, I found a small ray of light which ultimately helped me steer out of it. I started my life journey with a new confidence to counter new challenges of life once again.

Credit: Pexels

So friends, our life journey may be difficult and uncertain, but have belief that there is always one ray of hope in your path to rescue you from difficult phase of life. Have this belief as you go through your life journey and keep singing this beautiful song:

Dynamic life that changes with every tick,
Sunny at times, at times clouds dark thick,
Live every moment you got,
For what’s today,
Tomorrow it may be not !

~Bhuvana “Jaya”~

As apparent from her name, "Jaya" has always had a victorious approach towards life. Optimism is her way of living life.
She loves to listen music during her leisure time. She firmly believes that failures are gateways to success.

To read this write up in Hindi click here. Translation Credit: Bhuvana “Jaya”

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