World Theatre Day-Everyday!

Today, 27th March is world’s theatre day. This makes me wonder why the need for theatre arose, as there is many theatrics in everyday life. Then there is the famous quote by Shakespeare, which I completely relate to. What if someone comes and tells you that this life is a dream, ad when you wake up one day you will realize, you were in it for too long and forgot the reality part of it. But you cannot just go and tell this to anyone, expecting anyone to believe you and, moreover, expective the person to believe the preacher of this connect to be sane.

Alas, theatre is born!! People go there, see a reel of mix bag of emotions played by theatre actors, emotions such as laughter, kindness, sorrow, pain, grief, death, happiness, cunningness, birth, and many others. When the play finishes, the actors, remove their attire, and come out as their real self. You realize that everything was fixed, and actors were performing their parts as scripted. The actors perform different roles as given to them by the director, and sometimes, choose their roles too.

Pic Credit: Meraki Theatre Group

What if such is our life or lifetimes, scripted all along?

But there is a difference. The script is not given to us but fed into our subconscious system. If we knew our script it would be chaos, and people would turn into lunatics. But how to wake up?

With this I remember a story of King Janak, who woke up one night scared to death, and realized that he was having a bad dream. Since, that night he was confused, whether that was dream, or he woke up into one, and his life changed forever.

Theatre is the one of the best forms of communicating the real meaning of life. Keep enjoying the theatrics!!!

~ Dr. Sanchit S Agarwal ~

Sanchit is an avid reader of books, who can also write sometimes if it naturally comes to him. He has a great sense of humor but lacks a funny bone. Likes to spend time with straightforward and positive people. 

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