Thoughts & human mind

Let us start with a challenge!

I am challenging you to take any topic say “weather and its importance “. Sit down calmly and just think only about it for five minutes. Try it!! Many of you would wonder if just 5 minutes is not a big deal. Right!
Give it a try and then come back to read the remaining literature.

Many of you approximately except one or two on tens of thousands won’t be able to focus on a single topic at a stretch of even say 2 minutes straight!

But why? Why is it so difficult for us to focus?

This is because this is the nature of our mind. It is not anything abnormal. Mind is like a monkey and especially in today’s era of instant gratification, it is more like a drunk monkey. It won’t let you focus!

But hey wait! If it won’t let you focus then who is this mind and who is it that is unable to focus?

Are not there two different entities? Yes, this is what you need to know! You are not your mind. Then what is my mind, one may ask?

Your brain is a physical entity, but your mind is not!


If you would just truly understand this fact that you are not your mind, your life will change!

But merely knowing a fact and understanding it is very different and poles apart. Humans brain is like a guitar that vibrates and produces sounds of varying frequency when the wires are disturbed. Your brain is constantly bombarded by impulses-impulses in form of what you see, hear, touch, and taste! These impulses when incident on the brain, the brain produces (say something) in response, and my dear friends these certain something is the thoughts that constantly keep you drifted, engaged, lost!

I am not saying that these thoughts are not useful to us. Actually, they are for our survival. Our mind is constantly scanning its surroundings for incident impulses so that it may protect us by alerting us against any danger! But there is not always a situation of life vs death in our surroundings at least in today’s world!

These thoughts which are the response of our brain to external stimuli are also more or less predictable for a specific person, though it would need a very minute understanding of that person’s whole life since his childhood, his surroundings, his parenting, and a huge number of diverse factors that make it predicting next to impossible.

But here is a catch! A person who knows how to look and listen will understand them.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the art of looking and listening. Seeing with un-waivered attention and no mental commentary, mental labeling in the background is truly what is looking.

Similarly hearing with un-waivered attention without any bias, beliefs, or judgment is listening. Our mind is just an accumulation of impulses, beliefs taught to us by our parents, society, knowledge accumulated through schools, and colleges, our desires, our cravings, etc. The thoughts arise from this subconscious storage of ours.

So, next time whenever a thought arises in your mind, try picking it up, follow it to its roots, and do its total tear-down analysis! No need to label them, judge them, or classify them. Just watch with full awareness. You may feel calmer and in control.

~Ashwni Kumar~

Ashwni Kumar is an eternally inquisitive soul, always eager to learn and teach mathematics, physics and psychology. Recently, he has developed interest in spiritual healing and mindfulness. He works as an Engineer for a telecommunication firm and loves his contribution to the society. 

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