Happiness – an underrated concept!!

While new year’s celebrations have gone by, everyone around us is still in that jolly mode of holidaying, partying, or posting about either of these. But as soon as this first month is gone and the reality sinks in that the forthcoming 11 months are going to be the same as previous years. People start losing interest in their so-called “resolutions” stating – “Oh who are we kidding, life and resolutions don’t go hand in hand. Right?

So just a question –

How many of us are just resolute to be HAPPY this year?

I mean spelled out the word HAPPY, in your resolutions. If you did God bless you!! You are at least making one person happy. whom you already know and hopefully like. This is going to make a lot of difference in your lives and others. 

But most of us are resolute to “lose weight, start the gym, be more successful, find someone special, vow to travel more, read more, and 1000 other things.”

Picture Credit: TODay.COM

What if we just try and take a resolution to be Happy?

I think if what we are asking for is something that’s for “YOU” then this resolution’s ultimate goal is to make “YOU” Happy. and if it doesn’t, who are we seeking resolution for?

Complicated right? Indeed, Happiness is a very underrated concept especially in the times we are living in.

We want to lose weight because we are bothered about people and their sneering. We want to travel because we can’t post wanderlust captions unless and until we travel, we want to read. “Because ooh that makes us intellectual.

It is not something that we do consciously. Sometimes we are confused about what we want and what we are influenced to want.

What if we focus on the part where we think about what makes us happy? Why it makes us happy? Who makes us happy? I believe we’ll be more at peace. Which is the need of the hour.

If we at least can try to impress ourselves this year maybe, it will weigh down us a little less than impress others. The Maths is easy here. It is 1 vs infinity.

And we can take that chance, right?


I am Konika. An Engineer by profession, Reader by habit and Traveller by choice. That pretty much sums up everything… not a homebody and for sure not a quiet one.

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