The 100th Beacon of Island

The one who is typing this had no clue that this post would ever become a reality. More about him later.

Over the last one and a half years, the world and our personal lives have seen much chaos. However, this space has been a sacred one. For herein lie our truest of hopes, aspirations, pains, resilience, expressions, and smiles. But would this 100th post be possible without all those amazing writers who believed in the idea of GoodWill Blog? And how would the write-ups survive without our readers who willingly or (mostly!!) unwillingly read, engage and encourage the writings? Thanks we usually say. But is a thank enough?

Thanks is not enough for Sarabjeet and Bhuvna “Jaya” for pitching in early to instill belief in us that the space of hopes, memories, and surreal spirituality that we wanted to create is possible? It was impossible without the child-like yet immaculate zeal with which Sarabjeet inks his write-ups. It was impossible without the writing and editing efforts of Bhuvna that we could reached here. Can we thank enough ShrutiRk and Rajnish for devoting their secret poems with all their trust to our publishing spree?

And what about Vikas who loved the idea the moment it was conceived and has helped us with engaging on FB, gathering piks for posts, writing, and being a pillar who has stood always? Can we thank him for being there always despite his own engagements of running a theatre group and job? Will thanks be enough for Shatabdi and Saurabh who gave us gems from their own repertoire of translations and articles?

With a drop of mere text, Ashvni jots down his enriching, introspective and cerebral thoughts for us. Can we thank him enough for his amazing calmness in midst of chaos? If Yatin “Sheftah” didn’t dare to pen his nostalgia & honest realizations of being a grown-up, it was impossible to reach here. How we marvel at Prateek who carves the magnificence of the divine in his surreal poems! Will this 100th flight ever be possible without the selfless efforts of Deepak & Udit who were the troubleshooters whenever the team faced a crisis? Can we admire Lela Paterson enough to be so kind and brave to discuss her dreams and aspirations with us?

Can Vijay & Niharika be ever made to know how wonderfully they write with their short and crisp style? Will Jyotsna ever realize our immense gratitude for solely steering our Instagram handle & allowing us to use her beautiful paintings for our covers?

Life, despite all its oddness and absurdities, flashes its solace in the darkest of moments. Thank you everyone for making this place that beautiful oasis of solace! Thank you for being the foundation of the First 100 creations published on The GoodWill Blog!!

There isn’t much to say about the one who is typing this. But barring all the code of humility, he admits his enormous pride in being the little thread that brought all the above mentioned pearls together. This, perhaps, remains his only achievement in life.

Folks!! We all have a long way to go together. May the convoy keep moving ahead.

May the GoodWill always be propelled to enchanted lands of hopes, joys and dreams!

Keep Smiling!!

~Team GoodWill~

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