Hard to tell…

On this cold December evening,
Sitting on a park bench,
Facing this majestic tower,
A symbol of love.

I’m thinking-
Is it the vibe in air?
which makes people giddy,
Or this is some special
kind forged in steel that…

Some holding each other’s hand,
Some going down on one knee,
Some exchanging vows,
Some having their first kiss,
Some snuggling closer
for that perfect picture,
Some exchanging glances,
Like the first time they met.

…that whichever way you look.
You find something perfect.
And it’s hard to tell…
What’s beautiful?
And what’s not!!

~Aditya Ranjan~

Cover Picture Credits (as well!!): Aditya Ranjan 

Aditya is a Technology Evangelist working for a Software firm. In his leisure time he likes to travel, click pictures and experience newer cultures. He also likes to read and write poetry. 
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