Fan’s Perspective

His anomalies seemed irrelevant to me. The thing that mattered the most was that he made me smile.

Aren’t we supposed to be a fanatic when we claim to be a fan of someone? My folks knew about this self-imposed compulsion of mine. It was not that he was the best actor on the planet. He had flaws…major ones. But he covered them well with his amazing wit and a more amazing hairstyle.

I often found myself watching all his movies for n hundred numbers of times, till I knew each of his dialogue by heart. Then I recited them to my friends only to irritate them. The one in which he exclaims to live each moment to its best for we might not be alive to see the next; the one in which he enlightens up an entire village and returns back only for the love of his people, not less than any prophecy those movies were for me.

He seemed mercilessly arrogant at times- & ridiculously commercial. I darned him for that. But how would that matter to him anyway? He would come on screen, topple his heroine from a million story building, walked away flamboyantly and still got sympathy from the audience. His eyes were depictive enough to reveal how passionately he followed his instincts..

The kid was in class 3 when he saw him in a red coat declaring to the world that he will live with pride and with pride only shall he die. The local goon…seemed a superhero to the kid.

The future self of kid, facing the hassles of livelihood and life itself, is assured that with larger than life histrionics, flamboyant style and devil may care approach the actor must be still ruling people’s heart and earning loads of money of course. Still, above the clouds of tinsel dreams, he must be inspiring his fanatics to chase the dreams harder, to love the beloved dearer and more importantly to make people smile wider.

For him, winning was everything. For me, Thing that mattered the most was that he made me smile.

His anomalies… just seemed irrelevant….

Cover Pic Credit : Jyotsna


Writer has no clue where his life is headed.

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