Over-Comfort -A doorway to doom !

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor from 161 AD to 180 AD. He was one of the most powerful person on earth at his time. It is said that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” but it was not the case with Marcus. He could easily have led  a life of luxuries  but he chose the path of self restraint.  Everything that he could think of could be available to him easily but his life was based on pillars of discipline, hard work and self control. In today’s world of comforts and luxuries, Marcus thoughts are like a search light.

We all are running in a race to ensure utmost comfort, latest luxuries and instant pleasures available to us and our family. But beware! These comforts and luxuries if enjoyed without regulation can prove to be disastrous for not only you or me, but for the society, for the nation and broadly for the whole human race !

But then you may argue-“What is such a big issue in it? “

Yes, it is not wrong to earn luxuries and then cherish it, but it is detrimental and degrading for a person who enjoys it without earning it. 

Just look around you! Majority of us get easy food, comfortable shelter, physical gratification and endless streaming of entertainment at our finger tips. This is the reason why majority of us today are languid, dull and depleted of vigor even in our prime. This is the reason why we see boys and girls in their twenties lazy, dull with no spark left in their eyes !

Credit: Pexels

Have you ever seen a tiger in a zoo where meat pieces are  being tossed at him by  the caretaker, if you observe you will feel that tiger does not cherishes the meal, rather just for the sake of being alive he consumes the thrown pieces to him !


Because even the animals know the joy of earning something on their own, the satisfaction and pride involved in it. Watch the same tiger hunting even a small prey and cherishing it with full pride and honour.

This sense of pride or dignity comes only when you toil to achieve something and finally you earn it, not simply get it !

The same ferocious, royal tiger when robbed of it’s pride and honor is in a lower state to that of a street dog. Now, just think about humans! I feel the issue behind dangers of  unregulated luxuries is getting clearer.

Credit : Pexels

Since beginning man used to hunt and a single mistake during the course even used to cost his life! Definitely after hunting for whole day  when he came home tired he used to get food, good sleep and probably even sex.

This is the rule of nature – First earn,  then cherish. 

We as humans must obey it and ensure that our upcoming generation knows about this nature’s rule else we as a species will begin devolving rather than evolving. And all the evolution that man kind has made over million of years may just get scattered.

Now what shall we do then ?

  • Try avoiding over indulgence in luxuries rather try being close to nature in all your actions and choices.
  • When confronted with two options with same outcome, always pick the one which is difficult !
  • If you are a parent don’t be hyper -protective, let them play on ground, let them face sun and dust. Mother Nature will take care automatically but only if you let them to interact with Nature. Don’t fulfill each and every desire of kids, teach the nature’s golden rule -“They need to earn it! “
  • Nature is the divine mother, she has created us and no one knows us better that she does ,because we are her child. Hence be as close to her as possible ,respect her and she will take care of you as she has been doing since ages !

 From tonight before going to sleep in Your cozy blanket always ask yourself “Have you earned sufficient today ?”

~Ashwni Kumar~

Ashwni Kumar is an eternally inquisitive soul, always eager to learn and teach mathematics, physics and psychology. Recently, he has developed interest in spiritual healing and mindfulness. He works as an Engineer for a telecommunication firm and loves his contribution to the society. 

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