The Indomitable Spirit “Milkha”….

Milkha Singh is one legendary character that I came to know about very late in my life unlike cricket heroes. It was after the movie ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ that I came to know more about him. Being a Sikh who was regularly told stories about partition, I could relate the difficulties he must have faced. But he came out leaving them behind, to be flag-bearer of Indian athletics. His tale is a tale of indomitable spirit and bravery.

Milkha Singh donated all the medals he had won in his career (the most treasured possession for an athlete!) as a tribute to nation. Such grandeur personality he was. Every time rising above the odds, he always stunned the world when it came to commitment towards country.

Milkha Ji, who wanted to see a gold for India in Olympics in Athletics departs with an unfulfilled dream. I have always wanted my kid to do that- not because this will make him successful but because this is what I can do for a brilliant personality like Milkha Ji. I don’t know if my kid will be able to achieve the feet of Milkha Singh, but this short write up on Milkha Singh from such an insignificant person as me is a tribute to him.

And a bigger tribute would be gold in Olympics. I wish Milkha Ji lived more. My five years old son “Akaal Roop”, who is already inspired by his “Sardar Uncle” may have given him that moment. Milkhaji has kindled a flame in my son. I will never let it fade away. It is like passing the Olympic torch from one generation to another. I don’t want my kid to do anything for me. But I would certainly want him to do something for his country in the way Milkha ji did. Milkha ji lived every moment for his country. Even after he retired from the sport, he continued to contribute his best to the country.

Milkha Singh is the name that every Indian will remember till eternity. The glory he wanted to bring will be the greatest tribute, which I will try by inculcating the values of Milkha Singh Ji in my child. This way Milkha Singh will remain alive forever in all our hearts- his countrymen whom he represented so gracefully on global arenas.

~Sarabjeet Singh Dhingra~

Sarabjeet loves driving, diving and dreaming. He can make most terrible jokes sound funny….and vice versa! Tallest among us in height, spirit and enthusiasm, he assures there is not single dull moment when we are around him. A child at heart, a seeker at soul and a believer at attaining goals, he can be found at

To read the Hindi version of this write up, click here.


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