A Poet’s License

The one who carries Pen,
is the one carries the might.
Who writes about Joy despite his pain,
and emits liberty within the chains.
Who establishes the silence of cacophony,
and the shrills in the silent waves.

Who lets people go away,
and yet wishes them best in their lanes.
who gets stabbed with memories,
and never seeks any refuge, any claim.

Who knows whites of the spoken lies,
seldom rebukes, yet bears the blot.
Who carves eternities with ink,
and lets them cease with a mere dot.

Who only yearns for A Poet’s License,
To bear all the tears that existence offers,
To cherish all the smiles that this world creates.

Who lives only to frame poems,
Who dies yet lives on in poems he framed.

~T T Papermate~

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