The Nectar of Love

I see the nectar of love,
Overflowing and overwhelming,
Its peace all around,
Angels passing by,
Twinkling and moving fire flies,
Purple hue spreads everywhere.

I see the nectar of love,
Drizzling with joy and contentment,
I tiptoe towards it,
Swishing wet wind makes my senses alive
I touch the nectar,
It’s too cold,
I immediately withdraw.
With Question in my mind,
And heart full of awe,
I move around slowly, tiptoeing
Relishing every sight I could gather,
Every sound that I could fathom.
From all corners, the beauty remains the same.

Credit: Pexels

I see the nectar of love-
Dripping here and there,
Trailing sweet fragrance in air,
The sky is all yellow and orange,
Flowers blossoming everywhere,
I wonder the origin of purple hue.

Drifting thoughts to the depth of it,
Seem a waste of time;
It is the present that I stop to admire.
What I can cherish and what I can be,
The nectar of love seems infinity;
Touching whatever comes in its way
It becomes everything-
Everything becomes ‘it’.

Credit: Pexels

Oh, I wonder!
How did I get to enter this wonderful land?
I can’t be thankful enough for choosing me
To cherish beauty in all the forms it could be
With tears in my eyes and body oozing shine,
Now I can’t see the nectar of love
I have become it, it has become me.
The thirst gets satiated,
The sorrows and tears dry,
Twitch in lips transcend to a curvy smile

The sweet fragrance invites others to experience the same,
They take a dip and say goodbye,
Tasting the nectar of love and spreading it in their ways.

Credit: Pexels

As I move away and turn around,
I see the nectar of love———-
The twinkling fireflies and the angels passing by,
It ensures me that deep inside, I can come back around,
To relish the beauty, taste the nectar and say goodbye;
So some day, I will come back around,
to appreciate its vastness and depth abound,
To thank The One for making me-
a part of the whole divine design.

Credit: Pexels

Inside me all I feel
The nectar of love
The fragrance, the sweetness,
The hues, the birds,
The flies, the angels
All inside me
Oozing the nectar of love
Overflowing, overwhelming……..

~Shruti Ramakrishnan~

Shruti is a wanderer at heart, always looking for new things to wonder upon. When bogged down by mundane chores, her brain has weird ways to escape it. Reading inspires her and on occasions when a lightening idea strikes her mind, it quickly finds its way to a paper as an entry, poem or story.


2 thoughts on “The Nectar of Love

    1. Indeed! Thanks Sabby.
      We were also amazed by the visuals Shruti has crafted through her words.
      Team GoodWill.


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