The Musicians of The Sinking Ship

It is said that when Titanic began to sink, the bandleader on the ship Wallace Henry Hartley along with his fellow band members started playing music to calm the passengers as the crew loaded the lifeboats. Perhaps it was the most outrageous and most nonsensical idea to seek melody at the times of melancholy.

But what remains true to the spirit is that they believed in bringing solace to people in whatever way they could. Mere instruments that had no meaning at the hour of death became their weapons of hope even in defiance.

None of the band members survived the tragedy.

Credit: Wikipedia

A newspaper ( and rightly so ) reported “the part played by the orchestra on board the Titanic in her last dreadful moments will rank among the noblest in the annals of heroism at sea.”

World, suddenly seems to be a Titanic.

We all have suffered at the helms of pandemic. We have lost kin, relatives, friends, colleagues, nearest of souls without whom we believed life cannot continue at all. There seems no sight of relief with things getting graver-day by day, week by week, month by month. But if at all everything is temporary in this world, there is no reason why this shall continue forever.

Credit: Pexels

In midst of this chaos, those who can, have an enormous responsibility to bring whatever hopes and smiles they can bring to the faces of people around. Perhaps all of us are gliding towards the depth of the darkness. But what remains and needs to be tested that can we create music at this stroke of fate. Can we still have the courage to do the best we can with our abilities to make people calm? Can we hold our nerves like those musicians on that sinking ship as we transcend from one form of realism to another.

Credit: Pexels

Ladies and gentlemen. This is no time to keep grudge a pet. This is time to relish whatever we have had till now in these tiny tales of life- sad, happy…whatever it might have been.

Sadly, we are going to lose people. We are going to lose ourselves. We are going to lose everything we had. But we are not going to lose the belief that no matter what happens from here on, the world shall continue with its beauty and ugliness intact in varying degrees.

And till we are here, till we haven’t sunk, let us not let the music stop. The music of hope, of love and friendship, of a future. We may not survive to see beyond us. But our hope and efforts may just inspire the generations ahead to keep the belief in human resilience soaring high.

Credit: Pexels

Just the way it inspired us in the following clip as they got “Nearer, My God, to Thee…”

Keep the notes high!!

Team GoodWill

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2 thoughts on “The Musicians of The Sinking Ship

  1. Thank you for the great illustration to remember the good and hence way going forward. However to me most of the artists are a crazy bunch who rather dare to express their passion at every other opportunity unlike rest of the opportunists who look for a safe run on every other occasion. Funny part is there ain’t many artists anymore but whatever is left do they get its due

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey DK….Thanks for the appreciation. We are happy it struck a chord. Agreed that making art requires a certain craziness. Perhaps its this craziness and not the art to be precise makes an artist different.
      Keep the craziness intact mate!!
      Keep rocking, Regards,
      Team GoodWill.


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