You don’t know…

You don’t know,
Whether you are moving;
You don’t know,
Whether you are stalled;
All you know,
Time is slipping away;
All you feel is,
A little happy;
A little sad;
A little appalled.

Its not a crisis,
But neither It’s fair;
Not even a brief pause to realize,
Your dreams are gradually subliming in thin air

You are becoming whom you mocked.
You are whom you despised.
Time has played you like every other man.
Time is laughing..
You should also rejoice!

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That’s how things are,
That’s how it was supposed to be;
Every one undergoes this helplessness,
Every one is enslaved when he wants to be free.

That’s how it is supposed to be.
So celebrate my friend!
That’s the Joy of it!
You try you fail!
Learn! You rise again!
There’s no end until it’s The End.

~Deepak Mohan~

Deepak loves chasing dreams and believes in creating memorable ripples of hope, humor and helpfulness through his friendship. An avid reader and observer, he can discuss almost anything on spur of a moment. A staunch Roger Federer and Lucky Ali fan…

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