On the moonlit shore, he stood therefore…

At dusk he found himself at the shore, gazing the expanse of sea with fear and dejection. Ever since he was born, he was made to believe that his was the most powerful clan God ever created. Today, this belief of his was being washed into sand by the turbulent waves.

The Sea seemed mighty and invincible. The Sky and the Sun had already surrendered to its dominance over length, breadth and depth at the horizon. The submission frightened him. He felt meek in front of the saline demon. He was realizing at its will, sea can carry him to its mystic depths-trailing all his dreams scattered on the beach like dead shells. He was not the most powerful-not even powerful to say the least. He was finding the brethren’s claims all fake and humbug. 

Credit: pexels

Feeling like a mere dot, surviving at the mercy of the tides he wanted to run far away to his hut. There he could again hypnotize himself to be the God-Designated emperor of the cosmos.  A place where sea was in-existent – could not be seen, could not be heard, could not be felt was exactly the place where he wanted to be. For being a minnow has never been his delight- to feel all powerful was his only concern. Agonized by his just-found meekness he decided to hasten his walk back home.

Before he could- happened something that returned back his self belief and reaffirmed his faith in the claims of his clan. With delight and pride, he asked the fish vendor about the miracle he just saw. 

The vendor said, “By the dawn, when sun rises back on the horizon-we can see many more such machines. You have just seen the first of your life son. Trust me…there are many more ships to come!!!

Credit: pexels

On the moonlit shore, he stood therefore-
to tell the seagulls that sea was not an invincible demon. It was possible to conquer it by sailing down its chest through a miracle molded of metal which with hope and courage can float. The miracle was called Ship by humans-the most powerful clan God ever created!!!

Have Hope. Keep Smiling. 
Credit: pexels

~Team GoodWill~

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4 thoughts on “On the moonlit shore, he stood therefore…

    1. Thank you so much Dhruv. We are so joyous that you read and could connect. Thanks for all the encouragement.
      Keep smiling.

      Team GoodWill.


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